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You are not just a number on a scale

Think you’re just a number on a scale? You are so much more than that

Many of my clients just like you have a history of joining slimming clubs, repeating a yearly merry go round of losing a few pounds then gaining them back always feeling depressed & fed up that you couldn’t achieve the 3-4lb weekly losses that the consultant set you & others seem to achieve.

I understand how you feel. I know that you struggle with staying consistent often blaming everything on events or anything other than your daily choices but you just don’t have that individual support to get you through those tricky days. Maybe even giving up because you have a month of birthdays & girls nights so you know you won’t stay on track & you’d be unable to face getting on those scales & confessing to your syns (see what I did there ).

What if you had the support of your own coach that could guide you over those bumps when they arise, helps you navigate the special occasions so you don’t have to keep restarting.

Can you imagine how much money you’d save in the long run? Having a solution that sets you up for life? Giving you confidence in your decisions & knowing you never need to blame anyone/thing else because you own your progress & can reach your goals & say goodbye to the yo-yo diet cycle for good.

This is one of my amazing clients who has made massive progress with her mindset & goals - very proud of her.

Want help? Let’s chat. Call me on 07701 051 287


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