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Stronger Aging

Feeling Strong!

"It’s never too late to make a change"

Everyone ages that’s an inevitable part of life, but how you do so can be enhanced by the choices you make. I can provide you with exercise & nutrition programs that can enhance life long health, mobility, wellness & strength to maintain your independence helping you to live an active & fulfilling later life. From £220 monthly.


Go Further

“I got in touch with sarah to get fit to walk the Inca trail for my 70th - now exercise Is part of my life”

You are never to old to start exercise to enjoy the benefits, I train many people in their 60’s & 70’s – my client Sue walked the Inca trail & climbed Machu Picchu to celebrate her 70th Birthday after we worked on her fitness & leg strength.

Make a Change

“I lost 2 stone for my daughters wedding & feel amazing “

Whilst exercise & activity may be different now to what you did in your 20’s or 30’s the health benefits associated with senior fitness can lead to better mobility, cardiovascular health stronger bones, healthier joints, a stronger immune system & an overall better quality of life & emotional health.


Start Today!

“I love how you always keep our sessions fresh & adapt them to our needs” 

Nutrition in later life is also vital for health & wellbeing with the greater need for a balanced diet & increased protein to maintain age related muscle loss (sarcopenia). Using evidence based practical nutrition advice we can work together to promote good health.

Chair based exercise is also an option if ability issues are a problem

Call me now on 07701 051287 for your free consultation.


It is called personal training

My personal training is extremely competitive as I believe everyone should be able to experience personal training to help them achieve their goals. Because I have a private studio or come to you there are no extra gym memberships required.

You receive a personal experience on a 1-2-1 basis or with a family member or friend (see couples training)

You are choosing a Personal Trainer to achieve results that are very difficult to achieve alone! You are paying for an expert to train, motivate and guide you through every step of your fitness journey, I will teach you exercises you can do on your own with minimal equipment, give you homework if required and will also provide advice on nutrition and a healthier lifestyle, give you recipes and even go shopping with you if needed.

When many of our clients start training with us, they often lack motivation. By buying monthly or package sessions this helps ensure the commitment is there, in order for you to get the results you are looking for. It also helps me make a long-term plan for you. This is impossible to do if I am seeing you infrequently and unsure of how many sessions you will be completing.

*24 hours’ notice is required for all sessions and payment is made in advance of sessions – packages must be used with in time frame stated.

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