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Master Your Menopause

Master your Menopause with the MPower Toolbox

A Deep Dive Peri/Menopause MOT - Get Yourself Back On Track With This 1-2-1 In-Depth Consultation.
​What is the MPower Toolbox?

Menopause is inevitable, but there’s so much you can do to control your experience. But how do you start? Where can you find good support and practical solutions about exercise, nutrition, mind-set and emotional health?

Welcome to the MPower Toolbox  - the friendliest space on the internet for women who want sensible advice that really works.


An education on symptoms, HRT, exercise, nutrition & emotional health

The MPower Toolbox cuts through the confusion so you can quickly get answers, advice and resources. It’s a welcoming online space where everyone knows how you feel.

Whether you’re just beginning your journey (or wondering if you are!) or are many years post-menopausal, you will be welcome at the MPower Toolbox.

  • Are menopausal symptoms making your life miserable?

  • Do you feel like a stranger in your own body?

  • Or just overwhelmed with information?

  • It doesn’t have to be this way.

“You do everything with kindness and have given me the confidence to believe in myself”
- Liz 2022

Master Your Menopause

Master your menopause with my deep dive MOT. Book your call now!

90 Minute MOT £175

Yoga Class
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Meet Your Coach


Hi, I’m Sarah 

I know how quickly things can change once you enter peri-menopause – and how scary and unsettling this feels. 

Have you noticed that peri-menopause and menopause are getting a lot more coverage these days? It’s great…but does mean there’s a lot of confusion and misinformation out there.

Everything is suddenly menopause-based from supplements to shampoo. How do you know what you need, what to do, and what to ignore?

I created the MPower Toolbox so you can access clear, up-to-date and “real life” information about how to manage this stage of your life.

As well as being peri-menopausal myself, I’m a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist with 18 years experience under my belt. Over the last 5 years, I’ve dedicated myself to learning about peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause. My studies include a GP specialist course from the Menopause Dr Louise Newson. 

What is it?

The MPower Toolbox is a deep dive educational MOT to understand your symptoms and frustrations and put into place the right nutritional and lifestyle strategies to get you feeling back to being you!

We can tackle any menopause-related topic so you can build your knowledge about health, wellbeing, fitness, nutrition and mind-set.

My advice is always research-based and backed by science, so you can be sure we will bust myths and provide real-life truths.

How Can I Help?


All about your menopause


What is the menopause and perimenopause?

When will it happen and how long will it last?

How will I know if I’m post-menopausal?

What changes can I expect?

What symptoms will I experience and what can I do about them?

How do I know fact from fiction?

Busting meno myths & understanding stigmas.


Understanding HRT


What is HRT and do I need it?

Who is it for? 

Benefits vs risks.

Do menopause symptoms come back if I stop taking it?

How do I go about finding out more and where do I go for further advice?

HRT is not for me! What can I do as an alternative?


What about weight gain – help!


Why are my menopausal symptoms causing weight gain?

Why am I storing fat around my middle?

What can I do about it when nothing has worked so far?

Is nutrition important and how can it help my menopause?

Do I need to cut out certain foods now?

Will weight gain can affect my future health?


How can exercise help me?


Does exercise really benefit symptoms? 
What sort of exercise is best? 
Is more always better?
How much exercise should I be doing?
My joints and muscles hurt, how will exercise affect me? 
I don’t have the energy - what can I do? 
Will I ever feel strong and fit again? 


Mindset matters


How do I deal with my changing moods and body?

Why do I feel so anxious?

Natural ways to improve my mood.

How do I deal with changing relationships?

Talking about how I feel with loved ones

How do I deal with work, family and friends when I’m not feeling myself?


Your personalised menopause toolbox


How do I thrive and not just survive?

Advice for managing sleep

Nutrition and portion control

How to exercise

Menopause health – heart, brain, bone & joint, sexual and pelvic floor

Managing anxiety, stress & negative thoughts

Where to get further support

Goal setting

What do I need to move forward?


Ready To Master Your Menopause?



Up to 90 Minutes

Contact me to get started or why not get a group of friends

or colleagues together (minimum 6 people) Contact for cost.




121 time with a qualified nutritionist and personal trainer to

ask anything that is holding you back. Evidence Based

strategies to implement straight away that can help alleviate 

your symptoms and help you regain your confidence and 




Just £197 for personal education, support, Q&As and practical advice covering everything you need to embrace this time of your life with confidence.  Further calls available @£60 

The MPower Toolbox is for you if….

You are aged 35+ and want to learn about the changes your body will go through


You’re already experiencing symptoms


You are post menopause and want to feel your best (it’s never too late to make healthy lifestyle changes)


You prioritise honest evidence based advice (no fads or gimmicks)


You want to feel healthy and energised throughout this stage of life


You want to be empowered by education and tools that will help you be healthy and happy


You’d love the support and friendship of others in the same boat


Get in touch today!
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