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Perfectionism is leading you up a path to failure & one of the biggest elements in your all or nothing actions

One week you’re on it - prepping your meals, tracking those calories, exercising like a machine & getting those steps in like the queens guards - you are in it nothing is stopping you - you’ve got your little miss perfect hat on & your halo is shining.

The weekend comes or the week after & something (insert life event, birthday, stress you day at work or with the kids, the hubby fancied a takeout) & you gave in.

That’s it you’re thinking I’ve blown it - I had the takeaway my whole weeks ruined & you carry on at the next meal, the next day & the rest of the week & then you’re starting again on Monday - watch for a post on this to come x

One meal, or snack or takeaway does not ruin your progress the important message us to stop the negative self talk, the guilt, the fear of failure - how we talk to ourselves impacts our behaviour & therefore our actions.

None of us are perfect - not dieticians, nutritionists or Personal Trainers & if they tell you they are then that shows a problem in itself.

The solution

Be kind to yourself

Draw a line and make your next meal count towards your goals

Accept perfectionism isn’t healthy

Remind yourself it’s your repeated actions that have the biggest input not one off occasions

Strive to be 80% heading towards your goals most of the time vs 100% only occasionally

Do you always do your work perfectly? Do you clean your house perfectly or style your hair perfectly every time? No & you don’t beat yourself up over it either.

Bad hair day - tie it up!!

Bad housework day – close the doors & don’t let your mother in law in

Bad work day - you’ll sort it out tomorrow.

I’d love to hear if this is you? & if you think these tips might help


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