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About Sarah - Why I help people just like you

Hi, I am Sarah

I help busy people just like you transform their body & mind to drop up to 2 dress sizes in 90 days regaining their confidence, happiness & fitness, making changes that last a lifetime.


Why should you choose me to help you?


“I really love my job, every day I get to encourage and motivate people of all shapes, sizes, ages and walks of life to be the best they can be – not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well”


Choosing the right person to help you reach your goals is a bit like picking a friend, you want someone that understands you, listens to you & above all makes you feel comfortable. Working with a Personal Trainer might be a new & potentially scary experience for you so I will put your mind at ease straight away, I totally understand how you are feeling right now so why not take advantage of a free 15-minute chat to discuss your goals & any concerns you may have


I know how you feel, I have been in the same place as you right now, I have tried many ways to get fit & lose weight which is what led me to become the coach that I am today.


Many of my clients worried that I might be intimidating like the trainers you see on TV but I am a normal person just like you that has a passion for helping people & caring about your health & happiness.


My love of fitness, healthy eating and helping people achieve their goals and improve so many aspects of their life inspired me to make this my career.

Work with me & I’ll help you:

  • Feel confident in your own skin

  • Increase your self-esteem & happiness

  • Drop up to two dress sizes in 90 days

  • Feel proud of your reflection

  • Increase your energy & perform better in all areas of your life

  • Be educated about nutrition & healthy habits & lifestyle changes that last you forever

  • Be the very best version of yourself

Woman Working out


Nicki worked with me to lose weight & look great for her daughter’s wedding. She had tried & failed with many diets previously & really believed she’d never look how she wanted to on her daughter’s special day. Her before photo you see here on her holiday that year was the turning point in her taking action to change her approach to dieting & exercise. She started working with me and achieved her goal within 6 months & felt & looked fantastic at the wedding & beyond.


“No more back pain & way more energy”


Whist I have experience of working in a gym environment including taking Cardiac Rehab classes and helping a variety of people of all ages and abilities at all levels of fitness, working on a 121 basis is my specialty creating a personalized program and treating everyone as an individual.

Male workout
Senior workout



“Stronger for Life – staying fit & active is important to me & I have made so much progress”

I have run weight management courses for the NHS (Eatwise & Energise Programme) within local Leisure Centre environments and privately for groups or individuals. And worked with overweight children in the “Dimensions” project.


“Sarah has been there every step of the way & I now believe I will reach my goals thanks to her support”

I love to add to my professional development & have studied with the world acclaimed Mac Nutrition University (MNU), Preciison Nutrition & NASM becoming an evidence-based, Certified Nutritionist to providing my clients with the latest nutrition information so you can be assured that everything I teach will be backed by science. I am also a member of Lift The Bar an online training & development platform keeping me up to date with current science in the training world.

Female workout
Couple exercise


“getting fit together is fun”

I am creative & imaginative with exercise ideas & equipment making each session fun and challenging. Whatever your fitness level or whatever goals you may have, I have the solution to put you on the path to success. I pride myself on my motivational approach to training, and am dedicated, reliable and confidently believe I can help anyone achieve a healthier happier & more enjoyable life.


Ready To Make a Change?


Getting started is easy. Simply book your consultation with me today and we can discuss your goals, need and how to achieve them.

The Right Choice

I hold the Advanced Instructor Level 3 accreditation with the Register of Exercise Professionals (“REPS”) – a national body which exists to help safeguard the health and interests of people who are using the services of exercise and fitness instructors, teachers and trainers.

Level 3 is recognised as the highest qualification in the U.K, meaning that I have an in depth knowledge of all the components of fitness.

I am a fully qualified and insured Personal Fitness Trainer, Evidence based Nutrition & Weight Loss Consultant, Massage and Sports Massage Therapist working in and around the Dorset & Hampshire areas. I specialise in fat loss and getting my clients real results!



  • Diploma in Personal Training & Advanced Instruction

  • Future Fit Training, Gym Instruction

  • Future Fit Training, Nutrition & weight Loss Management

  • Future Fit Training, MNU

  • Evidence based Nutritionist, Childhood nutrition & obesity prevention

  • Future Fit Training, Exercise for Fat loss

  • Future Fit Training, Pre & Post Natal Nutrition

  • Future Fit Training, Post Natal Exercise

  • Jenny Burrell Education, Hypopressive Training

  • UK Hypopressive, Torso Training & Core Stability

  • Future Fit Training, Circuit Training

  • Future Fit Training, Kettlebell Instructor

  • Premier Training, Diploma in Holistic Massage

  • ITEC Level 3, Diploma in Sports Massage

  • ITEC Level 3, Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology

  • ITEC Level 3, Keiser Studio cycling Instructor, Power Plate Instructor, CPR FIRST AID

  • First Repsonse and Eatwise & Energise

  • NHS (Bmouth & Poole PCT)

Level 3 instructors are also Qualified nutritional therapists, Sports massage therapists and benefit from in depth knowledge of special populations, including Obesity, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Asthma, Pregnancy, Lower Back Pain, Arthritis and many more.

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