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Men's Fitness & Weight Loss

Lose weight and improve your shape

Personal training and nutrition designed for men to lose weight, improve their health and improve their confidence with no fad diets or slimming clubs.

I’ve worked with enough men just like you to know that you do not do slimming clubs, you don’t do diets either – where to start?  there are so many & they’re usually aimed at women.


More men than women are overweight but men typically make up less than a third of those attending weight-loss programmes.


Research shows that you guys dislike restrictive & strict diets, & engage more where some sort of activity is included & work best alone or in small groups with other men – when you work with me I promise your diet will include the foods you enjoy & you won’t feel hungry or restricted.


From studies we also know that you seem to like gadgets so trackers, step counters & interventions driven by statistics seem to fit better with your adherence to a programme, together we will discover what suits you best.


I aim to make things fun & we know that better results are achieved with some humour, something that is often lacking in a slimming club (I know I’ve tried them) keeping things light hearted whilst still learning works well.


"As a business owner and full time racing driver fitness and nutrition is very important to what I do but I had lost my way with it all, following internet diets, making up my own plans just wasn’t getting me anywhere, I heard about Sarah through a friend so I contacted her and we started with a consultation, Sarah was accepting and understanding of where I was with my weight loss and fitness goals and offered a completely new way of looking at what I was trying to achieve in a more structured and scientific way, so far things have been going great, more energy, weight loss and a far better understanding about nutrition and long term changes, Sarah isn’t about lose weight quick diets, she is professional and knowledgeable and is a constant support and guide along the way, I couldn’t recommend her highly enough."




We also know that as men you prefer interventions that are individualised, fact-based, flexible, use business-like language, and include simple to understand information. – There’s a joke in there somewhere ;-)


If you are a Middle-aged man in particular, you are more motivated to lose weight once you become aware that you have a problem with your health or it restricts your participation in your favourite sport or activity. - for example being diagnosed as “obese” or with pre diabetes, by your G.P. (Info from Public Health England)


I have helped hundreds of men who struggled with their weight, didn’t know where to start or who had tried & failed at their own attempts gaining & losing the same few lbs over & over again, or even been put on a “diet” by a well-meaning partner & it just wasn’t for you.


I will educate you on how you can include the foods & drinks you love & still lose weight, eat out at restaurants or business lunches or even perform better in your chosen sport.


I will support you and guide you into making your own choices with no stupid dieting rules, no syns or points to count. There are many methods so we will find the one you identify with and that fits your lifestyle.

Think you’re too old to change?

You don’t even have to exercise to get results, but for the many benefits exercise brings obviously I would recommend you try to fit in something even if it’s only walking. You might already exercise or go to the gym & feel frustrated that your weight isn’t reflecting your effort – I can help with this & teach you how to make this work better & get lasting results.


Choose from weight loss coaching or combined with PT sessions or a plan for you to do in your own time. If you are a very busy individual, we can work round this & you can be based anywhere.

Call me today to start your journey 07701 051287
Golfer hitting golf

Want to improve your game?

Many of my clients even though not all professional sportsmen love to play golf, tennis & cycle or want to or want to do it better.


Through a well-rounded fitness, mobility and recovery programme this can be achieved, I love hearing how my clients have improved their golf swing or completed their ride in a shorter time with more energy & don’t feel exhausted the next day.


I am currently working on a complete performance & recovery nutritional program for a GT racing driver & can’t wait to see how the improvements affect his own performance, he is already feeling way more energetic and lighter too.

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