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Chris - Feeling Great!

“Since the first session I have never looked back”.

After a recommendation for a Personal Trainer I came into contact with Sarah, I was shown substantial evidence of her work with clients & the transformations she has achieved so it was looking like a good idea to consider.

I’ve engaged in exercises I never knew of before & have felt them getting to work not only on my legs, but the rest of my body. I thought I was fit when running around Ewood Park, this was a wakeup call that my body was in no condition for the demands I expected I were capable to put myself through.

To begin with sessions were tough to get through; a lot of it is down to mental application but Sarah is someone who certainly has charm is motivating & a knowledge that is so beneficial. Little did I know that sorting out my legs wasn’t simply going to be a few exercises and stretches, but also a number of factors I didn’t even consider. E.g. why I should regularly roll my muscles, right down to the nutrition I consume.

I’ve already begun losing what is fundamentally puppy fat from around my abdomen & started to see a leaner me. I’ve successfully managed to play a full 90-minute match since I began training with Sarah, and I certainly felt a lot better the next day in terms of how my legs didn’t reduce me to a hobble. I still have a while to go before my next charity event so by the time that comes I will feel like a completely fitter and rejuvenated man running circles around his opposition.


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