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Rein - Lost 5 Stone

Consultant lost 5 stone & 42 inches in must 6 months

From the very first time I met Sarah she created an atmosphere that made it so easy to trust her & to know that she is really there to help. She is clear & concise in her approach & she will do everything she can to help you achieve your goals. At the same time she makes it very clear that they are your goals & hence your responsibility to achieve them without even for a moment being patronising about it.

Sarah is a true motivator. Her approach is holistic & she understands perfectly that it’s not just the physical exercise that matters. She has an excellent way of knowing when the mind needs some exercise as well and in that sense she is a complete coach rather than ‘just’ a trainer.

It’s very easy to trust Sarah because she is honest, open, direct & approachable without being intimidating, condescending or arrogant. Sarah’s first priority is your wellbeing.

I lost 5 stone in 6 months & it was hard work. Thanks to not only physical exercise but also the change to healthy eating and working on a sound mind I have achieved this. It would have been absolutely impossible to have done this without Sarah’s coaching.


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