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Nicki - Lost 2 Stone

lost 2 stone (28 lbs) and an amazing 27 inches in just 20 weeks

“Within a couple of weeks the weight and the inches were already falling off. I felt really good not just physically but mentally as well, within the six months I had reached my goal, I felt absolutely wonderful especially at the wedding & the comments I received from family & friends were fantastic”

My daughter’s wedding in Italy was looming just six months away, I was 2 ½ stone overweight & very unfit & increasingly becoming more depressed about being a fat mother of the bride, so I decided to surf the net for some inspiration & I came across Sarah’s site.

I was instantly attracted to what I saw & within a couple of days Sarah & I met & I signed up to what was to be the biggest impact that diet and exercise had ever had on my life.

Over the years (I am 57 now) I must have spent a fortune trying every diet going and trying different gyms only to become bored after a couple of weeks. The problem was mainly due to lack of motivation. I was instantly motivated by Sarah and could not wait to start. I thought I knew quite a lot about healthy eating but I certainly learnt a lot more from Sarah’s’ nutritional advice & have now incorporated a lot of the changes on a permanent basis and feel better for it.

Sarah would also regularly e-mail different recipes to try. I felt the training sessions at the beginning were really challenging for me partly because I was so unfit & Sarah does work you hard, but with her encouragement, support & patience both during & in-between them, it helped me through. Sarah would regularly text me after the sessions to say well done good workout, this meant a lot to me.

I felt the sessions were not only fun but very individualised to meet my needs and were different every time we met, I certainly never got bored. We used a variety of equipment and very soon I was feeling muscles I didn’t know I had. For me, this one to one approach is certainly what I needed and it was worth every penny.

I can’t thank you enough Sarah, I know I could not have achieved my goal without you & would certainly recommend your services to anyone.


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