Colin Beel – Operations Manager

Lost 3 stone & 22 inches in 12 months – 8 of those inches lost from his stomach alone!

“I have been with Sarah for over 9 years now, the training has been positive with support and constant guidance…”

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Rein Doorn – Consultant

Consultant lost 5 stone & 42 inches in must 6 months

“From the very first time I met Sarah she created an atmosphere that made it so easy to trust her & to know that she is really there to help…”

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Mark – Shift Worker

Lost 1 stone in 3 weeks and 1.6 stone in 8 weeks

“Having a very hectic work schedule travelling from Bournemouth to London daily for shift work means my time is limited, together we chose more balanced & nutritional meal options on the go…”

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Adolfo Castilo – CEO

Back rehab – lost 13bs in 12 weeks

“I worked together with his chiropractor & managed to get him back to full health, fitter and stronger than before – he also lost weight in the process…”

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Steve King – Managing Director

“The results have been incredible and it has all been down to Sarah’s professionalism and ability to get the best out of me…”

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Gerry Wilton – Chocolatier & Managing Director

Lost 1 stone & 13 inches in just 8 weeks

“I have always had my doubts about Personal Trainers but I have to say having had Sarah to get myself my wife & our daughter into shape for our fantastic holiday to the Maldives has really changed my mind…”

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Ian Johns – NAT’s

3 stone in 8 months

“If you want boot camp treatment don’t come here because Sarah Brookes is a consummate, professional Personal Trainer who provides tailor made exercise and dietary regimes according to the individual’s needs…”

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Andy Hill – Managing Director

Managing Director lost over 2 stone

“I wanted to lose weight & improve my stamina, I had very low self-esteem & lacked confidence & generally had low mood. If you want to improve how you actually feel and make a positive change to your well-being, then Sarah can really help…”

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Chris Wilkinson – Sales

“After a recommendation for a Personal Trainer I came into contact with Sarah, I was shown substantial evidence of her work with clients & the transformations she has achieved so it was looking like a good idea to consider…”

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Dave Sidwick – Managing Director

Lost 2 stone 9lbs (37lbs) and 44 inches in just 14 weeks

“I was in a bad way with a shelf for books see pic 1. Sarah’s combination of sensible food plans and graded but intense exercise regimes really do sort you out!…”

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