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Lose weight, get fit & have fun with Sarah Brookes Personal Trainer & Weight Loss Specialist

Sarah Brookes - Personal Trainer

Hi I’m Sarah, Ringwood, New Forest & Bournemouth Personal Trainer & Expert Health & Fat Loss Coach, I help busy people just like you achieve the fit & healthy lifestyle you’ve always dreamt of.


My goal is to help you transform your mind set & habits so you no longer feel overwhelmed & frustrated with your weight loss & achieve your ideal body in a friendly & understanding manner.


You’re ready to make a change but don’t like the idea of busy commercial gyms, you like the idea of a small & friendly private workout space where the emphasis Is on YOU and ONLY YOU, this is what you get at my private studio, virtually or in your own home & garden. You can train 121, In a couple or a small group, and unlike busy commercial gyms, your sessions are completely private where I can give you my full attention.

Do you want to totally transform the way you look & feel?

Do you want to feel confident when you look in the mirror & to fit back into the clothes that you used to love?

How amazing would it be if you never had to diet again?

Do you want to learn about nutrition & what to eat to achieve your ideal shape & maintain them long term?

Well you’re in the right place, you’ve found me & it’s time to make a change and put yourself first


Get personal, private training so you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle quickly and easily – No fads or extreme diets


Achieving Your Goals

Working with me will help you regain your fitness, lead an active & healthy life, keep up with your family, and feel full of confidence and energy? I’ve helped 100’s of professional men and women across Bournemouth & the surrounding areas who hate the thought of crowded gyms or spending hours exercising, to get back into shape quickly and efficiently.

I guarantee that with my 18 years’ experience in coaching people just like you, you will achieve:

  • A fitter, healthier & stronger body

  • Renewed confidence & self esteem

  • Long lasting results that will last you a lifetime

  • Education on how to move & eat to maintain the body you have worked so hard for

  • A new found enjoyment of exercise

  • Knowledge to make healthier lifestyle choices through habit coaching & behaviour change

  • A sense of achievement that will change your life forever

Unlike Busy Commercial Gyms, Your Sessions Are Completely Private – Where The Emphasis Is On YOU And ONLY YOU. Whether You Want To Train 121, In A Couple Or A Small Group.

woman working out

Keeping It Simple

I like to keep things simple by helping you develop healthy habits, no fads or extreme diets. I’ll give you control over your choices & educate you along the way.

You’ll transform your body by making lasting changes that are the most effective for you as an individual whatever your age, sex or ability.

Like many of my clients you’ve tried every diet going & every one of them was going to be the fix this time, I know I’ve done it too, I know how it feels to feel that nothing works, to look in the mirror and feel frustrated & hopeless BUT I have the answers, I guarantee that when you take that first step & work with me, together we will change that & you will find the solution that works for you. 

There’s so much diet & weight loss confusion out there, so I know you have no idea what to believe or what to try next. That’s why you’ll get full support & education from me every step of the way.

“I can now fit back in my clothes again & feel great”


“I feel so much fitter & stronger – I wonder why I didn’t I do this sooner”

Ready To Take The First Step?

I have felt just as you do now, I understand you have work commitments or a family to take care of & fitting everything in means there’s been little or no time for fitness and your health. That was me too I have felt everything that you are now but I can show you how to make it work this time if you let me.

 I understand how intimidating these changes can feel – so imagine being trained by a “normal” trainer who has experience, empathy, and personality.

A trainer who enjoys life, eating the same things as you, and has experienced the same struggle of balancing life and career.

Your plan won’t include fad diets, starvation or pills or shakes it will include foods you enjoy, even chocolate & wine or a beer. Your plan won’t include hours of boring cardio but will include targeted exercise that is right for you no matter how busy you are. It will be fun & you will be part of my team, men & women just like you, that know how it feels to be supported & achieve amazing things in a caring & non-judgmental environment

Latest Fitness News

Stay Up To Date with tips and hints to improve your personal fitness and well being.

Ready to find out how? Every journey starts with the first step


Your first step towards achieving the new & confident YOU starts today by getting in touch for your free 15-minute consultation call

Call me now for a quick chat so I can show you how to make lasting lifestyle changes that will have a huge impact on how you look & feel. Monthly cost from £220

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