Sarah Brookes – Personal Trainer Bournemouth
Nutrition & Weight Loss Specialist

Private training – where the emphasis is on YOU & ONLY YOU – friendly, 1/2/1 or couples training whatever your age or ability. Let me help you melt away unwanted bodyfat & drop a dress size quickly & easily by using an evidence based approach – eating the foods you enjoy & no fad diets.

Expert Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching & Body Transformation
Bournemouth, Ringwood & New Forest – Private Studio, Online or your Home & Garden.

Hi I’m Sarah & I specialise in helping men & women just like YOU achieve your health & fitness goals, to feel happier & more condident than you ever thought possible – whether you want to totally transform the way you look & feel or just fit back into those clothes you’ve not worn for years or maybe just regain your fitness to live an active life I can help you do just that – I have worked with several hundred clients from 18-70 years old of all abilities, my passion is to help you all as individuals be your very best.

I’ll show you how to make lasting changes that will have a big impact on how you will look and feel & you will achieve your results both faster and more effectively.

I like to keep things simple & develop healthy habits, no fads or extreme diets, giving you control and knowledge to make long lasting lifestyle changes that you can stick to long term – giving you the power! But getting support from me every step of the way.

My results speak for themselves – using tried and tested methods not the latest quick fixes which will motivate you to get fit, lose weight, feel happy & confident with your body and mind, feel energetic and be the very best version of you!

Where others charge extra for services such as lifestyle coaching, nutritional programming and dietary supervision, each and every one of my clients receive these services as a matter of course, totally inclusive within their personal training fees.

Call today for your free consultation and this time next month you could be a dress size smaller and a great deal fitter, confident & energetic.

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Change your life today!

“Personal training can be tough but the results will speak for themselves – Remember anyone can train on the days they feel like it, It’s the people that train on the days they don’t feel like it that succeed!”