Nicki Baker – Midwife

lost 2 stone (28 lbs) and an amazing 27 inches in just 20 weeks

“Within a couple of weeks the weight and the inches were already falling off. I felt really good not just physically but mentally as well, within the six months I had reached my goal, I felt absolutely wonderful especially at the wedding & the comments I received from family & friends were fantastic”

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Kimberely –Mum

lost 4 stone & 6lbs in 4 months and an amazing 41.5 inches 

“Sarah Superstar! I can honestly say going to Sarah was life changing. I am back to being sociable and have my confidence back”

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Jess – P.C

Lost 1 stone 3lbs

“Sarah helped me achieve my goal & on my wedding day I looked & felt great, I had my confidence back”

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Beth Rowland – Head of Innovation

lost 1 stone and 1lb (15 lbs) and an amazing 22 inches in just 12 weeks

“Sarah was excellent, she helped me to focus on losing the inches as well as the weight loss”

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Claire Kebby

lost 10lbs and an amazing 12.5” in just 7 weeks

“I feel great & have so much more confidence”

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Sarah Kelly – P.A.

lost 23lbs (1 stone and 9lbs) and 21 inches in just 16 weeks to look amazing for her winter wedding

“I could not believe how quickly I not only lost the weight, but how my body shape changed over a short period of time, If you only treat yourself to one thing – it should be time spent with Sarah!”

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Sophie White – Company Director

lost 1 stone 10lbs and 18” in 12 weeks

“The results have been amazing.  I’ve lost 24 lbs and two dress sizes and am now 9 stone. I have real muscle tone & feel healthier & stronger. I sleep better, laugh more & enjoy wearing clothes I never thought I’d fit into again”

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Vanessa Robinson – Project Manager

Lost 1 stone 10 lbs

“I just can’t do it without you”

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Sharon Lambley – Housewife & Mum

Lost 2 & ½ stone in 4 months

“Thank you Sarah I absolutely loved our training I’m so glad I came& I’m so ready for the challenge! Happy! Happy! Happy! as I know I’m going to get there with you by my side”

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Sherrie Evans

Lost 1 stone in 6 weeks for Xmas

“Sarah is so friendly & approachable & has made me enjoy exercise”

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