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Bournemouth female personal trainer weight loss

When I first met Sarah I was excited by the prospect of losing weight and getting fit.


I was taken a back a little when she introduced the intital detox - i am very fussy with food and drink, I stayed positive but in the back of my mind I was worried I would fail.


I have proven myself wrong and with Sarah's help and encouragement she has helped me implement a good eating plan and enjoy exercise.


The 6 weeks I have spent with Sarah have been fun and every time was different and never boring.


Sarah is not only great at her job but also a great friend.





Tracey has continued with the lifestyle changes that I have taught her and continued losing weight on her own and has now lost over 3 stone and is continuing on her journey, she still checks in with me weekly to keep her on track, and comes back a few times a year to give her a boost.

Tracey lost 2 stone and 1lb and an amazing 23.75 inches in just 10 weeks of training.