Sarah Brookes - Personal Trainer Bournemouth

Nutrition & Weight Loss Specialist


Expert Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching & Body Transformation

Bournemouth, Ringwood & New Forest - private studio, home or online


Everyone is an individual and therefore your Personal Trainer should be exactly that – Personal!


My consultations are painless, fun and free! During your one-2-one consultation we will discuss what you are looking for in terms of your health and fitness goals so that we both know what we are working towards and that they are both realistic and achievable, by filling out a few simple forms we will find out about your previous medical and lifestyle history, it is also your opportunity to find out about me and whether you feel you would enjoy us working together.


Before your first training session takes place I will take you through an initial assessment  using a range of health and fitness tests so that we can see where you are starting from and put together a personal and specific training plan that is designed just for you taking into account your current fitness, weight, diet, goals, lifestyle and work commitments (See fitness assessment page for full details) These initial results will also give us a benchmark from where to begin and will give me complete understanding of your current fitness level and enable me to design a workout program tailored to quickly, safely and efficiently get you to your goals.


Regular re-assessments will be used to measure your progress. Seeing your results prove to be very motivational.


Your third session is where we start putting your fitness program into place, whether your goals are general fitness, toning, strength or endurance, weight loss/reducing bodyfat or just increasing energy levels or reducing stress, one of the great benefits of having a Personal Trainer is that, from the information obtained in sessions 1 and 2, I will design a program to suit your likes, dislikes, abilities and lifestyle.


Subsequently you sessions will be between 40-60 mins and initially I would recommend that you have two to three sessions per week in order to achieve the most effective results from your workout. As you progress the number of sessions can be reduced to just one or two per week along with one or two sessions on your own or should you feel confident you may choose to train with me once or twice a week from the beginning incorporating some independent exercise into your week if required. whatever you choose I will bring all the required fitness equipment and make sure that your programme is correctly implemented, whilst offering friendly motivation and advice.


Your training programme is constantly monitored and adapted as your body will be improving and adapting too, this will avoid you reaching a plateau both physically and mentally.  


Your choice of where to train:-  at your home or mine, in your workplace, the park, the beach, the forest or garden whatever suits you best!