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Ruth lost 12lbs and 18.5 inches in 8 weeks


She has also finally got to grips with a lifetime of yoyo dieting.

"From my early teens I have constant;y been on a "diet", my weight has fluctuated up and down - fat and thin, starving and binge eating.


I had recently lost 3 stone following a "starvation diet" and wondered why I had begun to gain weight.  My husband David had also gradually over the years gained weight attempting to "be good" then falling by the wayside. We both decided after our summer holiday enough was enough! and realised we needed some professional help.


We contacted Sarah who on our first meeting discussed with us what our expectatins were, we both wanted to lose weight sensibly, maintain a healthy BMI, get fit and live longer! Sarah made us realise that our lifestyle wasnt conductive to healthy living! We hadn't noticed the bad habits we had slipped into!



Sarah straight away put our minds at ease by saying that if we ate sensibly on a regular basis along with exercise we will achieve our goals.  At first I didnt believe I could eat and lose weight!! it was with great surprise and Sarah's encouragement that after 5 weeks both David and I are well on our way to be the size we want to be!


We both feel healthier, my hair is much thicker and stronger (it had started to fall out!) we sleep much better, are less stressed and most importantly we are never hungry, we never say we are on a diet but a food plan, we are able to eat what we like in moderation using the 90/10 rule and we feel we have really achieved something when we have completed oir exercises.


So thank you Sarah