“Are you sick & tired of dieting? Forever on or off some sort of fad diet?”

As an evidence based nutrition practitioner I can help you include the foods you love & enjoy and still reach your goals. Let this be the last diet you’ll ever need to succeed, as I will teach you the fundamentals of fat loss & eating for health forever.

Quality nutrition is essential to support good health & wellbeing. A healthy diet is fundamental to achieving your fitness goals – and is often dismissed as unimportant. How much do you know about good nutrition & eating for optimal health? Are you eating enough of the right kinds of foods? Do you want to lose weight? Do you crave the wrong foods?

There is so much misinformation put out by the media – I will teach you the truth about how to feed yourself & your family for health, weight loss & enjoyment. Everything I advise you, will be using the best research available along with my own 15 years’ experience as a Nutritionist, by keeping up to date with the latest research you can be assured you will be getting the best current advice available.

Despite what you might think healthy eating doesn’t mean restrictive dieting – unlike slimming clubs you won’t have to count points or think of food as “syns” instead you will learn about calorie balance the principle of weight loss & maintenance.

Together we will choose the method tailored to you, suiting your preference and lifestyle. Your nutrition plan will be as unique & personal as you are

Ultimately there are no unhealthy foods, no unhealthy meals just an overall unhealthy approach to an overall diet, many people fail because they are too rigid in their attitude & then fall off the diet wagon as it’s just too restrictive.

Maintaining a good diet is essential if you are concerned with weight loss, health and increased energy. Fill up on a diet comprising mainly of processed, high fat convenience foods and over time you will end up with a body that reflects that. Eat mainly healthy, natural foods comprising lots of colourful fruits & veggies with a sensible alcohol intake, and you will end up with a far healthier body that you will love & enjoy & that helps you remain fit & healthy.

As part of my weight loss packages this service is included, I will work with you to provide nutritional advice that will help you work towards your goals, training schedule and lifestyle. I will help you make changes to your diet without compromising the foods you enjoy – this is about healthy eating & making changes that you can keep up long term not fad diets & strict regimes, I will provide recipes & teach you how to eat out, enjoy celebrations & holidays whilst still making progress.

This service is also offered as a stand-alone package.

Benefits of an optimal diet

• Increased energy
• A sense of well-being & self confidence
• Improved immune system
• Reduced risk of major illness/disease
• Maintaining a healthy weight
• Improved physical performance

Is this you…?

• Are you eating a balanced diet?
• Worried about your portion sizes?
• Tried every diet going?
• Have cravings you can’t control?
• Want to learn what to eat & when?
• Want to make this your last ever diet?
• Want to maintain a healthy weight?

* included in weight loss packages – no extra charge

Stand alone nutrition

Nutrition consultation with feed back £150 (90 minutes)

Follow up sessions £75 (60 minutes)
£45 (30 minutes)

Nutrition 1/2/1 coaching – 12 week programme including initial consultation, weekly check in via email/whatsapp, ongoing support, recipes, and adjustments as necessary, £697