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We carried out an 8-week body transformation challenge with a programme provided by Sarah which incorporated cleansing, dietary change and a training programme described as: "a general full body conditioning program using mainly bodyweight/dumbell exercises, followed by short sharp interval style training designed to provide a total body workout that is effective yet over in minimal time that can be done anywhere and doesn't rely on gym membership"


Results were slow to start as i had done little or no training for over 2-years however once the body had got used to the change in diet and the stresses put on it by the training, results were noticeable.  The little belly-roll around my mid-riff went and my tops felt slightly looser than expected - pretty much doing exactly what it said on the tin in the time allowed.  Good result all around.



Nigel wanted a challenge which we put together for him to do in his own time - this was featured on his online magazine Ultimately Bournemouth & Ultimately Urban - Nigel is now leading a clean and healthy life and loves juicing!