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Muriel lost 1 stone and 7lbs and an amazing 24.5 inches in just 8 weeks of training. She continued with what she had learnt and lost  3 stone with online training

The time had come to lose weight.


Sarah had been recommended and so the appointment was made for a consultation; the questioning was thorough, the next session took me through the diet plan and then exercise sessions followed.


Sarah understood what my body could and couldn’t do and made sure that I was pushed  to my limits.


The food programme is something that I have maintained, with the occasional treats and without feeling hungry or deprived.  I have added some new foods and adapted favourite foods which has been good for me.


I really enjoyed the exercise programmes, the variety of exercises and always something new.


Sarah's advice and support is always encouraging and realistic.


After 18 sessions I felt fitter, had lost 1 ½ stones and 24.5 inches. I felt better about my body image and this increased my self confidence.


I am still losing weight and Sarah remains there to support and encourage.




Muriel is also continuing her journey on her own with my support as unfortunately she lives too far away to see me in person and has now lost 3 stone.