Sarah Brookes - Personal Trainer Bournemouth

Nutrition & Weight Loss Specialist


Expert Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching & Body Transformation

Bournemouth, Ringwood & New Forest - private studio, home or online



I started training with Sarah to tone, get fitter and boost my confidence, i was a little anxious before starting as I thought id not be able to do the exercises as I was quite sedentary prior to training other than walking the dogs, the sessions were very good and built up gradually  i now feel 100% better and my energy, fitness and stamina have really increased. Id say to tohers dont put it off, I was very anxious before starting but Sarah was very reassuring, she has pushed me but not in an aggresice way  I think that she really understands the people she is training, I have really enjoyed it - thank you Sarah :-)

Liz had already lost weight with Slimming world before she started training and wanted to get fitter, stonger & tone up and make sure she stayed strong into her older years!