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Bournemouth, Ringwood & New Forest - private studio, home or online




"I was a complete beginner when I started with Sarah & wanted to improve my general fitness levels & also lose weight. Sarah has definitely improved my overall fitness & I’ve lost more weight then I ever have on any fad diets. She is extremely knowledgeable particularly with nutritional advice & can help you plan meals & give you tips on a healthy lifestyle without having to starve yourself.


Sessions with Sarah are fun, varied and challenging & created to meet your particular goals. My general fitness has noticeably improved from my first session. She also gives you continued support throughout with motivational emails and texts when you have those wobbly moments! I’d definitely recommend Sarah to anyone whether you’re a complete beginner, more advanced or just need nutritional advice.



I initially started training with Sarah in order to lose weight for my upcoming wedding after having tried lots of other ways of losing weight but with no real success. I personally could never stick to going to the gym as I’d get bored & find it very hard to motivate myself. I worked so hard with Sarah to look my best for the big day, I was really pleased with the way I looked when the day finally arrived. So many people commented on how lovely I looked (not just because of the beautiful dress but because I actually fitted it perfectly)  family who had not seen me for years were actually shocked at the change in me.


Sarah makes every session fun & different, she really motivates you and has tailored our sessions to my goals and what I want to achieve & has changed the focus of our sessions as my fitness levels have improved.


Following on from the wedding, I have kept seeing Sarah as I don’t want to lose the motivation, we are just focusing more on toning now than weight loss and hopefully dropping one more dress size & sticking at that size. I have found since training with Sarah that my whole lifestyle has changed – I have not been on some fad diet that I can’t possibly stick to in the long term but I just eat healthily all the time and of course allow myself the occasional treat. I now regularly go to the gym as well which as I said previously I could never stick to but I now have the motivation to go.


 I would recommend Sarah to anyone who is looking to lose weight or just wants to improve their general fitness levels & in turn improve their overall health. She is an excellent trainer & is constantly keeping up to date with new exercises & coming up with new ideas to make our sessions interesting.

Katy lost an amazing 5stone(70lbs) and 43 inches from her body in just 12 months of training