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Hannah lost 11.5 inches and dropped a dress size in 4 weeks, and increased her fitness dramatically! 

I like feeling fit but when I am out of the habit I struggle to get back into exercising. I found Sarah’s website on the internet and liked the sound of her approach so decided to give it a go. I had been wanting to tone up & lose a few pounds for years but never prioritised it consistently enough for any of my efforts to show results & I wanted to make the investment so I would actually get the results.


I was surprised by how much focus Sarah gave to diet; I thought I ate pretty healthily but this attention made me realise there are still healthier choices I can make. It was hard to start with and I felt quite deprived of my wine but I stuck with it and I don’t really think about it now, there’s even a few things I don’t really like the taste of now,  but as hard as it was I am glad Sarah was supportive but didn’t relent, and I got through it, and now I do have more energy and make good choices (most of the time!) without it feeling hard to do so.


If you really stick to it, the results come pretty quickly- even if it’s just a little bit at a time it keeps going in the right direction! Doing the circuits isn’t a chore any more, I miss it if I don’t do it because I enjoy the progress I know I’ll be making when I do. I have lost quite a few inches and am much more lean, which is what I wanted.


I feel I have mostly achieved my targets but I will continue to see Sarah because the weekly appointments do keep me on track. I wouldn’t want to feel unfit for the challenge of what she has in store for me on Monday mornings! I also like that I feel she has a plan- we do different exercises each session, targeting different muscle groups, and I like the sense that as an expert Sarah knows what I need to do and makes sure I do it in the right sequence. It can be hard to know what you need to do by yourself & now I know that the effort I am putting in will actually be targeted correctly.  


Sarah is very supportive on email and is happy to answer any questions, so  I do feel like we are in this together. I also like that she knows I get bored easily so keeps the sessions varied and interesting. It’s just a personal preference but I appreciate that Sarah isn’t all shouty and hectic, she is motivational but in a more low key way which is just what I was looking for’