Sarah Brookes - Personal Trainer Bournemouth

Nutrition & Weight Loss Specialist


Expert Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching & Body Transformation

Bournemouth, Ringwood & New Forest - private studio, home or online


  • Tape measurements i.e. waist to hip ratio


  • Height & Weight


  • Blood Pressure


  • Body Mass Index


  • Resting Heart Rate


  • Blood pressure


  • Range of Motion & flexibility testing


  • Cardiovascular fitness testing


  • Muscular strength & endurance testing


  • Body Fat composition tests to determine your body fat percentage


  • Circumference measurements to determine your total inches    



The first training session nearly aways comprises fitness testing as this is critical to identify any limitations in the body and design an optimum training programme based on realisitic long and short term goals, and to set a benchmark starting point. Measuring the fitness level of an individual is vital for accurate and safe programming.


They will be repeated at appropriate stages throughout the weeks and months of your personal training programme in order to monitor your progress and ensure that you are on the right track to succeeding in your goals & demonstrate the progress that you are making and to keep you motivated.


We may use any of the following: