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Bournemouth, Ringwood & New Forest - private studio, home or online



Bournemouth personal trainer weight loss

I have been with Sarah for over 12 months now, the training has been positive with support and constant guidance.


When I first went to see Sarah I was over weight, constantly tired, I had poor sleeping habits and on the wrong side of the health and fitness curve.


Sarah has helped me to change my diet, increase my fitness and improve my overall quality of life.


Sarah is not only a Personal Trainer but a very good friend who is always there with support and guidance.


If you are serious about fitness, diet and improving your lifestyle please speak to Sarah.


Colin has also passed his required work medicals with flying colours since starting his training and changing his life.


Colin has lost 3 stone & 22 inches since he started training 8 of those inches have been lost from his stomach alone!